Taun Facial Repair Formula For Men
Taun Small Batch Men's Facial Repair Faithandfamilyfun.com

Is Taun Men’s Facial Care Your Skin Solution?

Looking for effective skincare for men? Then you should look no further than Taun’s Small Batch Facial Repair Formula! Taun’s skin care has honestly been a blessing in disguise. Years of hard work, sun, and stress takes a toll on your skin and complexion. Lines have inevitably begun to define my face, especially around my eyes. We received this product in the mail just over a week ago, and honestly speaking, I’m quite satisfied! Taun has an exemplary list of ingredients and a feel like nothing I’ve tried before. This topical cream outshines all the rest.

Taun's face cream for men faithandfamilyfun.com

Taun’s Face Cream for Men

About Taun Men’s Skin Care Products

We all know there are plenty of products on the market for women when it comes to facial care, however, the market for males is incredibly lackluster. Not only is the selection limited, the quality of the products offered is sub-par when compared to skin care products available for women. Many men do not consider their skin care and typically are not worried about protecting it, making this is an understandable issue we are facing.

Fortunately, Taun’s Small Batch Facial Repair Formula was designed by men for men. Luxurious enough for the softest of skin types, yet withstanding for those rugged outdoor men. Even those whom typically put their bodies under an intense amount of stress ranging from standing out in the sun for hours, to getting coated in concrete dust. Coming from someone who works outside at elevated heights while sweating, collecting grime, and generally just abusing my skin – this moisturizer really works!

The Results Were Clear

After just one week of applying Taun to one side my face, I noticed a visible difference between both sides. The sagging areas under my eye began to firm back up, while dry patchy spots on my forehead and temple cleared up. The real kicker though was that it doesn’t even feel like I am wearing anything at all. The formula applied smooth and absorbed right into my skin without leaving any residue behind.

The ingredient list is second to none, having over a dozen scientifically backed natural anti-aging components. Including but not limited to; Jojoba Oil, which replaced whale oil in the 1970’s, proving to be more of an effective topical treatment for cosmetics. Additionally, Taun uses Apricot Oil as well. Scientists have proven the many rejuvenating powers of Apricot Kernel Oil when used to reduce aging in skin.

Taun's men's skincare faithandfamilyfun.com

Taun’s Men’s Skincare

Best Face Lotion For Men

Speaking from the perspective of someone who spends all of their time toiling out in the sun, I decided to get a second opinion from an office professional. A friend of mine used the product for merely a few days and immediately noticed a change in his fatigued looking face. The wrinkles around the corners of his eyes began to fade almost immediately, his baggy eyes started to firm themselves. This topical cream is nothing short of incredible.

“Stepping out of the field and into the office really changed my perspective on skin care. I started to notice how baggy my eyes were after staring at a computer all day – especially after my boss’s secretary cracked a couple jokes. After frantically searching around from place to place trying out different topical ointments I finally stumbled upon “Taun’s” men’s skincare products. I haven’t looked back since.” – William Arthur

Taun's skincare for men faithandfamilyfun.com

Taun’s Skincare for Men

“Overall, I’m quite pleased with this product. I think Taun is one of the best skin care products for men that I’ve tried.”

Taun’s Small Batch Men’s Skin Care Facial Repair Formula is the answer to men’s cries for proper skincare everywhere. Due to the overwhelming desire for premium skin care products for men, Taun has blown the competition out of the water. Garnering a GQ Grooming Award followed by notable mentions in media highlights such as Best of Seattle and Birchbox. The product is available for purchase online here. The price point runs right at $59.99 for 60 ML/2 Oz. Don’t worry about running out anytime soon, though. A little of this daily moisturizer goes a long way so your stock won’t run out anytime soon.

Thanks for visiting Faith and Family Fun for all your Style needs. If you liked this review, be sure to take a look at these products for women. Though this post is a review, all of the statements reflect our honest opinion on the product.

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  1. ellie

    You are so right, I often think it’d be nice to get some good skincare for Men but the choices are pretty underwhelming! This sounds like a great option!


    • FaithandFamilyFun

      I’m glad you enjoyed the review. We enjoyed using the product! 🙂

  2. Kimberly

    This sounds great! I bet my husband would love this!

    • FaithandFamilyFun

      Thanks. The guys loved it! Let us know what he thinks if he tries it. 🙂

  3. Danielle

    That sounds like a great product! Thanks for sharing!


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