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Find kid-friendly recipes, entrees, desserts, lunches, drinks and more! Recipe videos, cooking Vlogs and snack recipes that double as crafts. Have some family fun with the recipes found here.

  • Lunch:

Looking for a cute or inspired way to pack your kid’s lunch for school? We have you covered! Kid tested and mom approved!

  • Entrees:

Finding a meal that the whole family enjoys can be a struggle sometimes. We find options for even the pickiest at the dinner table and share them all with you here.

  • Drinks:

Kid-inspired drinks to share while you are watching your favorite movie or sitting by the fire. Find your favorite one today!

  • Desserts:

Make decadent desserts for the family. Easy Peasy and fun too!

  • Kid-Friendly:

All of your kid-approved meals in one place.

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