Putting God First In Your Life

Does It Ever Feel As If Everything Always Goes Wrong?

Feel Like You Are Always Falling Short?

God wants us to call to Him in our time of need and our times of trouble. We may be distressed and burdened by everything in life, but it is then that God wants us to put our trust solely in Him. How do you have the faith to let go of all your troubles, and give everything to God?

Learning How To Put God First In Your Life

Putting God First In Your Life

Letting go of all the control and asking God to lead you is a leap of faith!

If you like to have control of what is happening in your life, it feels unnatural to let go and give your life to God. How do you know that He is going to handle everything the way that you want it to be handled? That’s funny right?! How we want them to be handled? Our lives, our children, our finances. Everything belongs to Him. So why would we even contemplate not taking everything to Him?

Most often the closer you come to Jesus, the happier your life becomes.

Everything will begin to have an order and your life will become focused. First of all, it is not easy letting go of everything and giving it to the Lord. Sometimes it is way easier to live in sin than to follow Christ. We all struggle with sin daily. You need to stay continuously in His Word and in prayer to battle the temptations of living in the flesh rather than in the Spirit. The more that you follow Him, and stay in His Word daily, the less tempting the sin is. Now you will have the weapons to battle them, and the tools to be empowered through Christ.

Therefore if you stop trying to control everything on your own, and instead give everything to God, your life will begin to change. You will begin to change from the inside out. Suddenly you will know that you are right where God wants you. There will not be constant fear over your future business, family, or yourself. You will know that God is in the realm and He is in control now! You are human, so you will still have anxiety over things at times. However God reminds you not to fear, He is with you.

Although we put our needs before Him, He never stops loving you. He will keep whispering things to bring you back to Him. Whatever circumstance you may be struggling with, God is with you.  You will realize that He is for you and He is never against you. His grace and love are there to help you and care for you. He desires for His light to shine through you for others to see.

If you are struggling or hurting, call unto Jesus!

He hears you and will not leave nor forsake you. Learn to put God first in all that you do and watch the sparkle in your eyes return. Others will see the light shine through you again. Watch as God is given all the glory for the miracles that begin taking place in your life. Marvel at the blessings that begin to pour out so you too may bless others.

Put God first in all that you do. Love Him, trust Him and be obedient to Him. He loves you and wants what is best for you. Who better to trust with your life, than your Creator?

Put God first in your life and watch as He transforms you into all that you can be. All that He made you be.

How do you honor God and put Him first? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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