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Pete's Dragon



Disney’s new Pete’s Dragon is an excellent remake of the beloved children’s live-action animated classic from 1977. Certain to become the next Disney classic and a household favorite! Elliot’s pink wings and hair may have changed, however, the beloved character we knew as a kid has the same adorable quirks and clumsiness that we grew to love. The new generation Pete’s Dragon has excitement, adventure, with a heartwarming unexpected Disney twist you don’t want to miss!

What is the Story: No Spoilers Here

Mr. Meacham, (Robert Redford), raised his daughter Grace on stories about a dragon he encountered while hunting. Grace,(Bryce Dallas Howard), never believed her father. Then as an adult, she was working as a Park Ranger who protected all things in the woods, which soon became a bright-eyed wild little boy (Oakes Figley) named Pete, who claimed to have been living there for years with a dragon named Elliot. Grace and her Fiance Jack (Wes Bentley), set out to learn what happened to the wild boy they found in the woods.

Things take a turn when the loggers from the lumber mill who are threatening the wilderness, set out to capture the dragon they saw in the woods, led by none other than Jack’s brother. The tables are turned and now it is Elliot who needs Pete to help him. Don’t miss this incredible story of family, friendship, and the magic that lives within the heart of Elliot! The audience was clapping and cheering for the adored Elliot. Your family is sure to love the big furry green dragon as much as we did! Disney remade Pete’s Dragon even better than our childhood minds imagined him to be.

Pete’s Dragon Trailer


Share in the magic of Pete’s Dragon with your family coming to theaters this August 12th!


Quotes from Viewers:

10-year-old Bailey Houser “I think the movie was awesome because it was sweet and adventurous!”

Melissa Charuka and her daughter, 19-year-old Katelynne were excited to be there after winning their tickets to preview the movie from radio station 107.7. Melissa, ” We loved it! Elliot reminded us of our cat at times!”


Our Rating of Pete’s Dragon:

Lowest 1 – Highest 10

We give this movie a 10! The audience was engaged and loved it! There were toddlers to grandparents, and everyone enjoyed the movie. The movie passed quickly leaving us wishing we had more time with Pete and Elliot. The excitement and anticipation for events made for a phenomenal viewing experience for all!


A note for parents of younger children:

In the of the beginning, we learn that Pete loses his parents in a car accident in the mountains. Pete is left orphaned and abandoned in the woods. One of the most touching parts of the story is when Pete meets Elliot, who gently cups the crying boy into his paws, and carries him into the woods.

There are a few intense scenes when the loggers are chasing and hunting Elliot, where there are tranquilizer guns used.

The movie is rated PG and may be too violent for younger or more sensitive children. Although the scenes are the equivalent of the Lion King, it is not animated, so please be aware.

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