Want to Simplify And Organize Your Home?

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The more organization you develop, everyday tasks become simplified and manageable.  Tasks are accomplished effectively, efficiently, and with joy, when your belongings are neatly organized.

5 Steps to Simplify and Organize Your Home

  1. Downsize Towels.

    • Consider using no more than 4 large towels, 2 hand towels, and 4 washcloths for your Master Bathroom and Children’s Bathroom each. If you have 2 Towel Rods for hand towels to hang in your bathrooms, we Folded Towelssuggest 4 hand towels for rotations. If you have more towels than this, then you are not only wasting space, but you are also adding to your chores with additional laundry. Keeping fewer towels that are all corresponding, logically they will require less space, as well as appear aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Organize Your Linens:

    • Stack away only 2 sheet sets,  2 sets of duvet covers, and/or 2 sets of comforters for each bed. Once again, you are only wasting closet space and elongating your chores with any more than 2 sets for each. If you change bed sheets and covers at least every other week, you have a second set to replace them with while you launder the soiled set. Use the 2 sets that you prefer, and donate or sell the others that you will no longer be using. Do the same thing with your Comforters and duvet covers. Comforters are enormous and waste loads of closet space. Most comforters are unable to fit in standard washers, or they are dry clean only. This will save you a substantial amount of time, space, and money.
  3. Purge Clothing.

    • This one task will change Messy Pile Of Clothesyour life, which is not an exaggeration. This may be the difference of washing 3 loads of unused clothes that keep getting tossed on the floor. Huge time saver! This process will take a lot of time, but will save hours of laundry every week.
  4. Rid Yourself of Useless Clutter

    • We live in a day and age where “things” are important. Well, all of those “things” are creating clutter in your home. Walk through each room and focus on what you have displayed, or laying around. View everything you own in a different light. Even furniture. Living RoomThis step is challenging, however, the end result is irreplaceable. You are creating more family time, and less time dusting and picking up after everyone.
    • Ask yourself the following questions when walking room to room:
      • Is this necessary to keep? If not, does it have deep sentimental value?
      • When is the last time that you have used this?
      • Does it match the theme for that room?
      • Is there damage or does it look unkempt?
    • Now that you have determined what you want, need, and have no need for any longer, you may begin reducing the clutter in each room. Donate the items that have no sentimental value to you, you have not used, or does not match your theme in the room. Throw out any damaged items, or if you feel horrible throwing it out, donate that as well.
    • If you have too many sentimental items everywhere, consider creating a scrap book, memory box, or framing special projects. You may want to consider letting a family member have some things to display around their home as well. Grandparents appreciate home made gifts from the kids.
  5. Organize Your Kitchen

    • One of the most important rooms in a house that needs organization, is the kitchen. Searching for tools, cookware, or ingredients every time you begin preparing a meal is a waste of your time. It is essential to have things in order. Having a family sit down dinner every night is challenging in itself without organization problems.                                                                                                                                                       Ikea has many fabulous Ikea Kitchenorganization tools for the kitchen. Less is more, even in your kitchen. There is no need to have 4 sets of dishes, glasses, silverware, Pyrex, etc. etc. etc. Simplify what you have in your kitchen to the things you actually use. Organize your pantry and your spices. Take the time to think through how you use your kitchen, and adjust the placement of your tools accordingly.





How do you keep your home organized and clutter free? What are your tips and tricks that you would like to share with us? Leave us a comment below.