You can make the very best homemade marinara sauce right at home with canned tomatoes. No more buying over-priced jars of pre-made pasta sauce! This homemade marinara sauce is great for any pasta dish that calls for a red sauce.

Having a jar (or 2) of marinara sauce in your fridge, ready to go, will be better for your budget. Not to mention, it will make your pizza, lasagna, or any tomato-based casserole taste delicious. No added sugar, naturally low carb, and completely delicious!


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About the Author: Shelby

Shelby Law Ruttan is the author of Grumpy's Honeybunch and Honeybunch Hunts and the One Pot Paleo Cookbook. She is Mom to two and grandmother to one. Cooking and baking are life long passions and she enjoys sharing what she loves with her readers.


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