Time For Back To School

Do You Struggle With Daily Schedules?

It’s time for Back to School Schedules! To prevent over scheduling and feeling overwhelmed, this school year we have prepared some tools and tricks to create a Daily Schedule that works, and one that you will actually use! Families are all unique and have their own ways of spending their day together. Our Daily Schedule is uniquely designed for your family!

Create a Back To School Daily Schedule



Let’s Create a Back To School Daily Schedule

You Will Love!

  1. First Start With Set Activities and Routines

    • Write down all of your set weekly activities, like the kids soccer practice or Church.  Also, write things that you complete daily. On a printed calendar write in the set activities in pencil. Just generalize the remainder of things at this point, in a list on the side of the calendar. You will get into details later. Examples would be Housekeeping, Meals, Schooling, Church, Exercise, Pets, and etc.
  2. Review Activities and Routines With Family

    • Share your calendar with your spouse and kids to determine if you may have overlooked anything. We get into the habit of just doing sometimes and may not recall something you manage daily. As a result, this is sometimes how we overbook ourselves. Having your spouse and/or children remind you of some of those extra things, allows for you to keep them on your schedule, without becoming a conflict later in your day.
  3. Sketched Schedule Of Your Day

    • With your generalized calendar and list that you created, write each item on a notepad leaving space under each item. On the following day, carry this notepad with you. From the time that you wake up, until the time that you go to bed, write down activities and routines that you do and at what time. This step will help determine how you naturally complete certain tasks during your day, which makes it easy to plan around them. Follow these same steps for one full week.
  4. Organizing Your Daily Schedule

    • With your list that you created from the week before, you are able to start organizing a Daily Schedule you will Love! Break your days into categories that work best for you.  Some categories that you may want to include:
      • Daily Schedule
      • Morning at a Glance
      • Afternoon at a Glance
      • Healthy Meals and Snacks
      • Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner – With groceries needed for each meal.
      • Intentional Time With Spouse – When you are a busy parent it’s easy to forget what is important.
      • Important Things to Remember – Dr. Appointements, Library Books, etc.
      • Housekeeping/Work/Blog To Do List
      • Homeschool Daily Schedule
      • Family Fun
      • Morning Devotion
      • Memory Verse for the week
      • You may also want an hourly schedule to go with your calendar to make reading easy.
  5. Finalize Your Back To School Daily Schedule

    • Once you have your categories and the times that work the most effectively for your daily routine, you are able to complete a Daily Schedule that you will Love! Sit down with your notes and penciled-in schedule and organize your days to what works best for you and your family.

Take Away

Most of all, having a daily schedule will help you stay organized and on task with the kids back to school daily activities and routines. You are able to see immediately if you are on task with homeschool/school assignments. Meals are even planned, making time for family fun daily! Everyone knows what to expect for the day, which makes for happy kids and a happy home! Yes, there are always those unexpected events that happen, but all in all, you are able to get back on track pretty quickly when you have a plan.