Hot Summer Hair Trends For 2017

Holographic And Bold Hot Summer Hair Trends Oh My!

First, we saw the influx of incredible holographic nails, and now we are seeing different holographic hues popping up all over social media. This style is trending for the summer and only seems to be getting hotter than ever with fluorescent and glowing hair! Bright and radiant color palettes have been appearing on more and more of our friends on social media, and we love it!

We found many of our favorites at the talented Ross Michaels Hair Salon. By mixing different shades they were able to create a holographic effect that is absolutely stunning. There is no telling what these artists are going to create next, but for now, we are in love with the new colors for this summer!

Hot Summer Hair Trends 2017


Holographic Silver Lavender

This Holographic awesomeness was created by Melody Lowenstein from Ross Michael’s Salon. Her picture has been flying all over the internet. We love it!


Icy Pink

This adorable Icy Pink was created by the incredible Gigi from Alen M Salon.

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These Rose hues were created by Stylist Guy Tang with Olaplex.

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Lilac Locks

Amazing Sterling Silver and Lilac locks by Michael and Melody at Ross Michaels.


Glowing Neon Fiery

Bright and beautiful, this glowing neon fiery was created by Tegan Fiore. Looks just like summer sunsets right! This look has us spinning.

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Prismatic Hair

You can’t truly begin to appreciate the artistry here until you see the video on Tegan’s Instagram page! He did an absolutely incredible job intermingling all of the different colors that makes this look so intense.

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Mermaid Hair

This mermaid hair was created by Connecticut Hairstylist Alyssa Wiener. If you love mermaids, you are going to adore this! Just incredible!


Amethyst Dream

Kylie Butler of Seattle, Washington created this to mimic an actual amethyst stone! Absolutely exquisite!


Pink and Purple Holographic


Rainbow Bright

We called this Rainbow Bright, but you can call it what you want. Captivating is the only word we have really for this creation by Ash Fortis of Virginia Beach, VA. She’s amazing!


Candy Vibes

This lovely color was created by Senior Stylist Dani Eggert of Ross Michaels Salon in Seattle, WA.


Glow Roots

Another amazing color phenomenon created by Senior Stylist Dani Eggert of Ross Michaels Salon in Seattle, WA.


Platinum Perfection

These mystical hues were created by Rebecca Edwards and American Salon & Pulp Riot. Stunning job!

Passion Purple

Carol from All Mommy Wants, switched from a bold red to a stunning Purple for the summer!

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Stunning Red

Summer Davis at Dirty Floor Diaries recently took on these incredible locks!

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Which style do you like best? Let us know in the comments below, and share a picture of your summer hair! Check out other trending and hot topics on Faith And Family Fun Style.


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  1. Dawn P Darnell

    These hair trends are so cool! I would love to try something new!

  2. Caroline

    I could never put these off, but loving those pink tones!

  3. Elise Giannasi

    I want all of these!!! I work in the corporate world and can’t do fun things like this to my hair anymore but LOVE the idea and the inspiration for my clothes and makeup combos instead! Have a great week!

  4. Janette Shearer

    Wow..These are some very cool locks!! Love all the fun colours!

  5. Melissa Ruddy

    Just read something about this in make-up trends.


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