Hashtag Tim Turned Our Corona Frown Upside Down

Our day was made when we opened Twitter to find hashtag Tim trending. You read that right. Hashtag Tim.

Grab your kiddos and head to a comfy spot on the couch for some of the funniest behind the scenes posts from everyone’s new favorite Grandad, Hashtag Tim as he walks us through The National Cowboy Museum.

Enjoy The Museum From Your Couch With Hashtag Tim

Tim Send is head of security at the National Cowboy Museum. With all of the changes going on in the world today with the Coronavirus, Tim was given a new and unexpected duty to add to his belt while the museum is closed.

Tim was thrown into social media management and he is diggin’ in his boots! This is just one example of how age does not apply to social media. His one cute mistake is making him and the Cowboy Museum nationally known in minutes!

Meet Tim Send

You may be thinking to yourself, “Okay. What is so funny about that?” Well, let me show you. Tim continues to share a plethora of hilarious behind the scene tweets with us, which is making everyone here smile.

Hashtag John Wayne

This is where Hashtag Tim is born. Yep. The Duke. While his post is adorable, we can’t overlook the fact that he is also sharing the amazing John Wayne’s hat and eyepatch the duke wore from the movie True Grit!

Tim’s grandson, Lucas, told him that he needed to use hashtags to bring more attention to his posts. Well, Lucas, more attention is exactly what he is getting. 🙂

Now the hashtag fun really begins

How many of you have had to try and explain social media to your parents or grandparents? After spending an hour on a zoom call with my mom today explaining to her where she would find the button that adds an image to her text, I can completely relate to this.

Tim begins to ask Google how to use Twitter. However, it wasn’t Google. It was Twitter.

Whether this is an incredibly well-done ad campaign, or a legit grandpa learning how to use social media, we don’t care. This is a welcome distraction to put a smile on all of our faces.

Hashtag John Wayne

You have to respect The Duke. Tim shares with us another part of John Wayne’s costume from True Grit. The Duke’s boots! Oh, where “those boots have been a walkin’!”

He hasn’t left his grandson, Lucas, out of all the fun! He continues to ask him questions all while walking us through the museum.

Kids get ready, it’s Woody

Tim took us on a video tour to see Woody from the movie Toy Story. It is a blast seeing all of the interesting props and clothes that he is sharing with us. He didn’t forget his grandkids Lucas and Keira either.

Pound sign or hashtag?

It seems that hashtag Tim has brought back the age-old argument of hashtag or pound sign. In this Tweet, Tim finally learns what all of that hubbub about the hashtag is all about. Don’t worry Tim. We found you anyway!

Take a trip to the museum from your couch with Tim

If you are looking for something adorable and fun to share with your kids, then head over to The National Cowboy Museum Twitter page for some fun behind the scenes tours with Tim as he monitors the museum.

Don’t forget to play along too. Tim is taking questions from kids and parents! He is everyone’s favorite entertainment of the day now.

The museum may be closed, however, the joy of learning and spending time together having family fun is now open with a little imagination and whole lotta Cowboy.

When you are done, let us know which part of the museum was your favorite part in the comments below.

Hats off to The National Museum for picking the perfect Cowboy to represent you on social media!


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