Free Printables: Pete’s Dragon Coloring Pages and Activities

Sweeping into Theaters August 12th!

Remember the beloved green and pink dragon named Elliot from when you were a kid? Well, he is back, and grander than ever! Although he is no longer donning his pink hair and wings, the same snorts and grunts of the loveable character we fell in love with as a kid is back in theaters, and even more incredible than you can imagine!!

Check out the trailer below!

Share Your Childhood Memories With Your Kids!

What are some of your favorite memories of Pete’s Dragon growing up? Do you remember the song that Elliot and Pete used to sing? All of our favorite memories of Disney and their characters came to life through imaginary play. Pretending to fly and running with our favorite stuffed friends! Get outside and share some of your imagination you loved so much as a child with your kids.

In the activity pack that you will find below, there are all kinds of activities to inspire even the most tech absorbed child into letting their imagination go wild outside of his screens ūüôā Remember laying in the grass and imagining clouds as different objects in the sky? How about building a fort out of whatever materials you found laying around your parent’s house? Pete’s Dragon encourages outdoor play, imagination, and discovery! Get your kids play clothes ready and go make a mud pie and share some of those favorite memories you had. You may be surprised by how much they love it!

Take a look at some of Disney’s ideas for inspiring imagination and creativity with the activity sheets found below. Have fun with the family with these fabulous free activities and coloring pages as you get ready to share those childhood memories with your kids!

Encourage your child’s imagination with these Free Printables¬†and coloring pages below from Disney!¬†

Pete's Dragon Activity Page

Coloring and Activity Pack

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Pete's Dragon Coloring Page

Get “Behind The Wings” With This On The Set Clip

Join Disney for a family adventure this August 12th and share your favorite Elliot memories with your kids!

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