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Find kid-friendly recipes, entrees, desserts, lunches, drinks and more! Recipe videos, cooking Vlogs and snack recipes that double as crafts. Have some family fun with the recipes found here.

Looking for a cute or inspired way to pack your kid’s lunch for school? We have you covered! Kid tested and mom approved!

Finding a meal that the whole family enjoys can be a struggle sometimes. We find options for even the pickiest at the dinner table and share them all with you here.

Kid inspired drinks to share while you are watching your favorite movie or sitting by the fire. Find your favorite one today!

Make decadent desserts for the family. Easy Peasy and fun too!

All of your kid approved meals in one place.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Star-Lord Bark

Star-Lord Bark Treats Are Easy And Fun Get your kids super excited for the new Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 with this easy peasy Star-Lord Bark and movie night! Before a sequel comes out in theaters, my family always plans a movie and treat night to watch the previous...

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