Explaining the Coming Elections to Your Kids

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Most families have discussed the electoral candidates at home and with friends in length. Have you had questions yet from your kids about the candidates, and what the process of being elected President entails? With all of the debates and media coverage, whether you like politics or not is not going to matter. The topic is going to come up.

“Mommy, Who is Donald Trump, and why is

everyone saying he said…”

Everyone is talking about the elections, and they are vocal even at your local supermarket. Anywhere you go there are people talking about the “nastiness” of the campaign this election. The discussions have become impossible to prevent hearing. I don’t know about you, but almost everywhere , there are people discussing the presidential nominees. This election, more so than others, is a pretty hot topic.  A lot of folks are literally getting very heated vocally, in public about their opinions. This may prompt many discussions at your house about the different candidates and what each party represents.

Dad, Who is Hillary, and why is everyone saying she should be in jail when she’s running for President?”

If you too are wondering how to answer some of those “Mom…Mommy…Dad..Daddy” questions, then here are a few links to help you with just that. They are non-biased and are presented in a kid-friendly way. Have fun learning about the candidates and what makes our country so special! Ask your kids opinion on each of the candidates. Let them decide for themselves who they would vote for and why. Do a mock voters booth and let the kids cast their vote for their candidate!

Snoopy has made a special way for kids to connect with the elections. They created a Snoopy Rock the Vote campaign where kids and adults can vote for their favorite character. Snoopy is just one of the many celebrities that are supporting the Rock the Vote campaign to spread the word about the importance of registering to vote, and voting during the coming elections.


Scholastic News offers many tools for your family to enjoy the elections together!

PBS offers tool to teach your kids about the candidates and the elections.

Gallopade explains all of the parties and the candidates.

Congress For Kids


Good luck, and have fun with healthy debate discussions with your kids!