Hey There!

You never know where life is going to take you, right? Well, mine has taken me on so many paths, twists, turns, hills, valleys, you name it. Becoming the owner and Editor-In-Chief of Faith And Family Fun Magazine and running an Influencer agency was not even a consideration that I had. Our family has been through so many struggles that it seemed as if we were living the life of Job at times. We have had many dark days. Days where we did not know how we were going to feed our family.  Days where we weren’t sure that I was going to survive. It is only by the grace of God that our family is where we are today. He has helped me battle cancer, restore my broken marriage, and strengthen our family.

The struggles and failures that I endured taught me to lean on God for my strength and challenged me to push myself to be better. No matter what obstacle that we face, we always come through. God provides an answer every time.


Our Life And Family

Fun fact that you may not know about my family is that we are part of the full-time RV movement. We downsized from a 3,800 sq ft home to about 575 sq ft. Our original plan was to build a Tiny Home on the frame of our rig. We decided to test out living in the small space prior to investing in building our Tiny Home. So far, we love it and has helped our family to stay together when we travel for work. We love to travel and be outdoors, and this lifestyle enables us the freedom to do that. Although we are in an RV we are not short on space. We each have our own bedrooms with doors and a great living room and kitchen. Not to mention a full-size shower and bathroom which is awesome. So far we have only had the opportunity to travel up and down the east coast for work. When we are not traveling, the place we call home is in Florida where we stay 6 months out of the year.

We have three amazing children. Our youngest son is the only child still living at home with us now. My older two children are happily living on their own and enjoying their careers. My husband is my fourth kid. Seriously. He is an extreme daredevil and has been since we met in high school. He mountain bikes, skates, loves BMX and climbed towers like a crazy person. He’s an all around God loving hunk of a guy and I couldn’t love him more. We are high school sweethearts and have been married since 1995. It has not been easy, there have been major ups and downs, but God has blessed us immensely. He is my rocky road ice cream with whip cream on top. Some times things are crunchy and hard, while most are sweet and incredible. You never know what you are going to get when you bite into that ice cream, just like I never know what amazing thing he has up his sleeve for our family.  We also have two English Bulldogs named Khloe and Maybel and an orange Persian named Garfield.

My family loves to sit outside by the fire almost every night. We roast marshmallows frequently. I’m kind of addicted I’m not gonna lie. My hobbies are reading, writing, photography, crafting, and fashion designing. I love being outdoors doing just about anything. The mountains and the beach are two of my favorite places in the world other than Disney. I love coffee! You know the Snickers commercials where they show Betty White whining until she eats her Snickers and turns back into the dude? Yeah…. that would be me with coffee.  I am horrible until I have my coffee. My favorite mug says “All I need today is a little coffee and a whole lotta Jesus!”.  My husband makes an amazing cappuccino and expresso! He’s learned how to calm the beast in me well over all the years we’ve been together.


After a lot of prayers, consideration, and help from some amazing friends, Faith And Family Fun Magazine was launched. My goal is to provide content for parents to be inspired, encouraged, and equipped to build family connections and have family fun. Sharing love, faith, and kindness in all that we do is how we show His love. It shines from within us. My desire was to create an environment that shares love with everyone.


This magazine offers me the opportunity to minister to families across the world, sharing love and compassion for everyone. You may not know this, however, I purposely do not include faith in every area of the magazine. This was a hard decision that I had to make. My goal is to serve all families. A non-believer is far less likely to visit a site that shares everything about spirituality, right? I wanted to reach all families with the hope that they will stay and continue reading. If the stories that we share touches and saves even one soul, then I have completed my mission and am blessed beyond measure. If the magazine inspires others to raise happy, healthy, connected families, then I am blessed for that opportunity as well.


Building A Blog And Influence

Serving and helping others is my passion. I am always reaching out to bloggers who are struggling either emotionally or with their blog in general. I devote part of my time daily to inspiring and encouraging women to excel in their gifts, dreams and finding ways to help them develop their brands in ways they had not considered. I host retreats, events, and conferences where I speak and support bloggers in all areas of their business.  I offer one on one coaching for daily accountability, inspiration, and growth. I developed my business, Designed 4 Influence, from my passion to serve and support women.

Faith And Family Fun Magazine

Faith And Family Fun Magazine is a parenting lifestyle magazine not only for the contemporary Christian but all families. We offer relatable topics for today’s generation. My hope is that you will find stories that will touch your heart, brighten your day, and feed your faith. Enjoy creative fun activities and recipes with your family. Go on an adventure and explore. Curl up with a good book or movie. Have a blast on family game night. Just make every day filled with faith and family fun!

I love what I do and the opportunities that this industry has given me. I am blessed to be a part of your life and thankful that you found Faith And Family Fun Magazine. Email me anytime if you have questions or have a prayer request. I would love to hear from you and learn more about your family as well!

God Bless and thank you for reading!