Moana Review – The Ocean Is Calling
Disney Moana

From the Directors of ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Alladin’ comes a Polynesian Princess story Moana that is both inspirational and heartwarming!

Disney Moana makes a splash into theatres tomorrow that you won’t want to miss! The adventurous, strong-willed, Polynesian princess that we meet on the island of Motunui, is the daughter of the local Chief  Tui(Temuera Morrison).  As a young child, we learn the connection that Moana shares with the ocean as it opens up and beckons her to follow. The adorable toddler waddles out to see what can only be described as an aquarium made just for her. Now grown, the spunky 16-year-old wants more than anything to venture beyond the forbidden reef that her father warns her about. Not unlike many fathers, Cheif Tui only wants what is best for his daughter. He encourages Moana to take her rightful place with her people that are with her, now.

Disney Moana

Image Provided by Disney

Though only 16, this princess steps into her role showing kindness and strength as a leader. When a crisis hits her pacific island, and their food source begins to diminish, Moana directs them like a true leader. Though, she has a sense of urgency she feels for her people. She hears the ocean calling her but does not yet understand why. It is only when Gramma Tala (Rachel House) shares the history of the Pacific Island with her granddaughter that she begins to see her destiny.   As Gramma Tala guides her, Moana’s adventure begins beyond the reef. She ventures out in search of Maui the demi-god, in hopes to save her island and her people.

Disney Maui from Moana

Image Provided By Disney

The demi-god Maui was imPECcably portrayed by People’s Sexiest Man AliveThe Rock, Dwayne Johnson. The narcissistic larger than life personality of Maui was evident as soon as we met the demi-god! His pec popping, tattooed muscles dancing, hair swinging persona was hilarious!  Maui and The Rock have other similarities other than pec popping! Did you see the infamous one-sided eyebrow raise?  We did, and we loved it! One of our favorite clips with Moana and Maui was when he was giving her his autograph. “When you use a bird to write with, it’s called  Tweeting!” Maui said as he handed Moana her signed oar. It was this kind of humor that kept even the dads in the theatre laughing and entertained!

“Maui is a hero to all!- Moana Meets Maui”

The newcomer that voiced Moana’s character is Hawaiian actress Auli’i Cravalho. Voiced is an understatement, though when you hear her sing “How Far I’ll Go”! Moms and Dads, watch out, this is the next song to replace Frozen’s “Let It Go”! Your kids are going to be singing this day and night I can assure you. This little princess is going to make a perfect role model for your littles. Far from the atypical large doe-eyed, tiny wasted Disney characters that we are more familiar with, this Polynesian princess was created to personify the essence of the islands. She is a natural beauty, with curves and a waist! She teaches girls that they can be strong and beautiful. We need more princesses like Moana! We fell in love with her from the moment the ocean said hello!

Watch “How Far I’ll Go” Official Music Video from Moana

This is not your typical princess musical! Adventure, mystery, and a demi-god fight! Your boys are going to love this too! There was not a moment that we were not laughing or gasping at what came next. A story of true heroism, heritage, and following your dreams, Moana is a Disney movie you won’t want to miss! Take a break this Thanksgiving and join the family on an adventure you will all love!

Moana is in theatres everywhere

this November 23rd!

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  1. Jennifer

    Looks like a great movie! Taking the kids to see this Friday.

  2. Lindsey

    I love Disney! I’ve been dying to see this movie!!

    • FaithandFamilyFun

      It is great! My husband loved it! It makes it even better knowing that the huge Maui is The Rock! He is hilarious!

  3. Nataja

    Omg I can’t wait to take my goddaughters to see this film ☺️

    • FaithandFamilyFun

      They will absolutely love it! We are going again this weekend!

  4. K. Elizabeth

    We got to screen Moana and have been hooked since! It’s such a beautiful and touching story with a powerful message. My son is obsessed with Dewayne Johnson’s version of “You’re Welcome” while I’m hooked on the Jordan Fisher version and of course my daughter loves “How Far I’ll Go.” She discovered the singing Moana doll today in Target and I think we’re going to have to add it her Christmas list.



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