Hello Kitty is putting a new digital spin on the Advent Calendar with the Hello Kitty StoryGIF Advent Calendar by Zoobe Messenger Entertainment. 

Have some fun with the kids this month while celebrating Christmas and advent! Hello Kitty StoryGif is a super cute and easy way for your kids to create their very own story Gifs. We were able to create a few of our own with our kids and they loved it!  Check out the one we made this morning! 

Hello Kitty StoryGif

To help celebrate this holiday tradition, Hello Kitty has added a secret advent window that opens a new Gif every day. If you want to see them early, you may purchase all 25 at once. Advent celebrates the coming of Jesus over 4 Sundays, or from the 1st day of December until Christmas Day. The word Advent is derived from the latin word “coming”.  Advent Calendars have been a Christmas tradition since the early 1900’s. The traditional Advent Calendar has a piece of chocolate or candy inside a little window that you open each day of Advent. Now you can share this new digital advent experience with your kids! Have fun watching your kids express themselves with these adorable Gifs they can share with friends and family to spread holiday cheer. The app is available in app stores November 30, 2016 – December 25, 2016, on iOS and Android.

Your Countdown To Cute Starts Now!