by Betty Streff

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” ~ Pema Chödrön

Have you ever watched time-lapse photography of clouds? An entire day, captured in mere minutes. It’s fascinating to watch clouds come and go. See how they thicken and grow dark? Just as quickly, they become pale and thin to nothing. Their shadows glide quickly over the face of the earth below, creating patches of dark and light as they pass. It’s a good piece of imagery. Something to ponder when grey clouds roll into your thoughts.

“Calm is a Superpower”

I saw that on a poster or a tee shirt somewhere, I don’t remember which, but I embraced it as a personal slogan along with my often repeated “This too shall pass.” And you know what? You don’t get calm by slipping into your super-hero get up the way Clark Kent did when he disappeared into a phone booth, donned the cape, his big red “S” and out came Superman. Too bad. Wait, it’s probably not all bad because where would you find a phone booth these days?

Unlike a super-hero quick change, calm is a strength that can be learned but it must be cultivated and developed. For me, it’s always been a continuous work in progress. And, I do mean work. It’s not always easy to bob, cork-like, above situations and circumstances, but I keep trying. Here are just three little nuggets I’d like to share with you. Read more...

About the Author: Betty Streff

I’m the ultimate people person. Hayseed philosopher, home-town humor. An insatiable reader and learner obsessed with what makes people tick. Fascinated with the human spirit. I want us all to become the best possible version of who we were born to be and to live a life filled with rich meaning. It helps me navigate my own journey and brings me joy. Find more of my recipes at

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