Blogger Bash Day 2

Your Peek Into Blogger Bash NYC 2016

Kate & Mim-Mim Breakfast

Kate & Mim-MimDay 2 of Blogger Bash began in style with Mim-Mim greeting us as we entered the Majesty Yacht. We journeyed through the imagination of Kate and her pal Mim-Mim, learning about the much-anticipated product releases for the season! Our breakfast buffet was a delicious assortment of breakfast choices. Fuchsia mimosas were served in champagne glasses to guests. The story of Kate & Mim-Mim is based on the daughter of Julie Stewart and Scott Stewart and her imaginary friend. The show is a series of adventures that their whole family helps create. Their story is a true inspiration for following your heart and listening to your instincts.

Babypalooza Presented by Maletzky Media

Babypalooza Blogger Bash Collage

Babypalooza had it all! We had Boudreaux’s Butt Paste diaper changing challenge to help kick some rash! VIP meet and greets with Armitron Watches’ new Ambassador Army Veteran Noah Galloway and third-place contestant for Dancing With the Stars. His story of how he became Armitron’s Ambassador is quite impressive! A true war hero and family man. Armitron watches are both affordable and stylish presenting an easy alternative to those high-cost brands, without losing your flair.

Baby Products Galore!

As a mom, I remember struggling with so many baby products. Brands today have taken the time to hear our voices and created products that help parents in the home. Health and product safety awareness were a hot topic at Babypalooza. Companies like Oilogic, Fresh Wave, and Dolphin Organics have seen what matters to parents and have created products that are both safe and natural for your homes and family.

Fisher-Price designed a High Chair that literally fits in your dishwasher! Making sure all germs are removed with each use to protect your baby and toddler from harmful bacterias. It even has a holder for baby wipes built-in! This is like the Cadillac of all high chairs. Following suit with the health needs of parents today, Kabrita has made an amazing product for babies and toddlers out of goats milk. Easy for digestion, providing a good source of vitamins and a gentle solution for children with allergies.

With so many brands to visit and products to view, it is no wonder it is called Babypalloza! Be sure to check out Blogger Bash next year if you are interested in growing your business and meeting face to face with amazing brands.

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