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If you have ever considered attending a blogging conference, you need to check out Blogger Bash! Straight away I knew this was going to be an event like no other. Everything from start to the finish was perfectly coordinated by the fabulous Blogger Bash Team and Ambassadors.

8 Fun Facts About Blogger Bash You May Not Have Known

  1. Amazing Secret Facebook Group for Blogger Bash Attendees
    • Before ever leaving for NY, there were friendships being formed and plans being made. Blogger Bash team left nothing to chance. Building our blogging connections and sharing social media was high on their priorities. There were weekly threads for business growth and development. This is in no way similar to other Facebook communities for bloggers. This was a group of dedicated, Pro bloggers, established and willing to share their knowledge of working with brands. A blogger focus group if you will. It wasn’t all business, though. We gabbed about everything from finding roomies, to coupon codes for taxis and what style shoes we were wearing.
  2. Blogger Bash Site and Blog
    • The Blogger Bash site and the blog were the equivalent of the What to Expect When You’re Expecting book. The team thought of everything for us! Sponsors and brand names attending Blogger Bash were listed on the website for each blogger to communicate with prior to the event. Examples of proper introductions were given for those who were new.  You found everything from what to expect daily to what to wear daily.
  3. Fashion Do’s and Don’ts
    • The conversations quickly switched gears from where should we stay to what should we wear. Though there was no need for distress about that either! Fashion do’s and don’ts were posted to ensure we came dressed for success and comfort! What better way is there to celebrate Blogger Bash on a yacht than by wearing nautical red, white, and blues?!
  4. Twitter Parties and Giveaways Galore
    • All decked out, hotel booked, and pitches prepared. Now it is time to wait by the calendar counting the days until we leave. Not with this team! We needed to stay engaged for our much-anticipated event, right?! Well, they didn’t fall short here either, that’s for sure. Bring on the Twitter parties and Giveaways my friends! If we weren’t in a Twitter party, we were answering questions in our group about which brand we were eager to meet and why. An abundance of prizes, giveaways, and FUN! It was a whirlwind couple of months that flew by!
  5. Hotel Stay In Manhattan
    • Although there were several hotel chains suggested for bloggers to stay.   Yotel in Manhattan was the top choice not only for the proximity to the conference,  however, it was also where the early attendee check-in for the event was located. Additionally, Yotel was within walking distance and saved tons on cab fares. Checking into our rooms was a breeze, and the staff was both gracious and professional. With the bright neon purple Yotel sign, modern decor, and robotic baggage check, the hotel reminded me a bit of Miami due to its color with a cross of sounds and space ships from  Disney’s Space Mountain. The room was adorable and bed a dream. Although small, they did not lack in luxury.
  6. Times Square
    • Did I mention that Blogger Bash NYC is blocks away from everything including Times Square?! If you have never visited New York, this is a must on your to-do list. Arriving in town a day early gave ample time to meander through this amazing city. Our first night in town a group of us decided to stay up and enjoy the sites of the city and finish our evening at the 7,000 SQ. ft. lounge in Yotel, which is home to the largest outdoor Terrace in New York. The views of the skyline were incredible, but the friendships that were formed were for a lifetime.
  7. Blogger Bash Team 
    • Coordination and excellence are the first two words that come to mind when describing the Blogger Bash Team. Every part of this event was well planned and exquisitely entertaining. There were a few team members that truly shined from start to finish. Charlene DeLoach from Charlene Chronicles and Marissa DiBartolo from The Toy Insider were absolutely remarkable! Marissa spent many extra hours answering questions on the Facebook Group, even over a holiday weekend. I am not sure of any other conference or event where you will receive such personalized attention.
  8. Blogger Bash Ambassadors
    • Not only do you have an amazing team to coordinate the event, but you also have a team of ambassadors to help publicize and interact with attendees. There were several ambassadors that went out of their way to make me feel welcome. Please check these ladies out, as you will not regret it! Dusty Pendelton from As Mom Sees It, Jennifer Gaffney from Friendspired, Nicole Brady from SAHM Reviews, Marybeth Hamilton from Babysavers, and last but definitely not least, Carol Jones from All Mommy Wants. Carol was of tremendous support for me both before and during Blogger Bash. Helping with pitch introductions, meet and greets with other bloggers, and inviting me for a night in the city. All of these ladies were fabulous and their Pro Blogger Skills shined. Although there were many Ambassadors at the event, these ladies truly sought to make you feel welcome and enjoy your Blogger Bash Experience.

Finally, if you are looking to grow your blogging business, then Blogger Bash is the event to attend! Serious bloggers. Serious Networking. Did I mention Serious Swag? Swag is not the reason to attend a blogging conference, although this event did not fall short in that category at all! The Swag that we received from Sponsors was beyond generous! Want more behind the scene details from my days at Blogger Bash? I have all the juicy details for you here. 🙂

Blogger Bash Logo

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