Day 1 Blogger Bash

Your Peek into Blogger Bash NYC 2016

Care Bears Share Your Care Brunch

Walking to eSpace, we could see the line already forming to enter our Share Your Care Brunch hosted by Care Bears. Waiting to greet us was Funshine Bear! Care Bears Share Your Care BrunchRounding the corner to Care Bears Share Your Care Brunch Blogger Bash NYC 2016the banquet hall we were awed by the culinary display of fresh fruits, croissants, and pastries. For an even further enjoyable dining experience, our gracious hosts had prepared an assortment of breakfast items with a choice of exquisitely bright and cheery cocktails as well. The room was bustling with excitement as we all oohed and ahhed over all of the Care Bear merchandise displays and the truly spectacular array of food! The Care Bears Share Your Care Brunch was phenomenal! We learned quite a few surprises about the future with Carebears and how the brand as evolved over the years. The speakers were inspirational, truly embracing #ShareYourCare daily!

Blogging Concentrated

Blogging Concentrated President Dan Morris and Vice President Rachel Martin spoke following the Care Bears Brunch. They graced the stage together with both wisdom and enthusiasm. Their goal was to educate and encourage each of us to Blogger Bash NYC 2016 Presentation Blogging Concentratedbecome better than we are, and to provide the resources in order to make that a reality. Their presentation was as if you had your best friends sitting in your living room talking with you. It was astounding, to say the least. During our break, we were treated to an afternoon bite by Entenmann’s where we indulged in sweets and rich coffee. The remainder of the training was very concentrated and true to their Blogging Concentrated name. Rachel and Dan wanted to compel us to dive deep into our blogging businesses. Personalizing the seminar to meet our needs asking how they could benefit us, and what would we like to learn. Their focus shifted to providing answers to our questions and the tools needed to develop our goals. I left with many new tricks and tools to add to my tool bag to share with our readers, and thankful for the start to an exceptional Blogger Bash experience.

It Was A Sweet – Sweet Suite ’16 Event

If all of this wasn’t already enough to make my trip, Suite Sweet was an evening like no other! All of my expectations for the evening were exceeded by this night of fun! This was my first experience with meeting and greeting brands for our blog Sweet Suite '16and magazine. It was intimidating at first, however, everyone was quite lovely and made the time at each booth experience of their own. I had the opportunity to learn about new products and toys coming on the market just in time for Christmas! It was amazing to have the opportunity to meet with the different reps one-on-one to explain who we are and what our goals are. Having this kind of opportunity is truly amazing and I highly recommend anyone who is serious about their blog as a business to invest in. This is what you would call a game-changer for your business.

Take-Aways From Day 1 of Blogger Bash

I left Sweet Suite with inspiration and confidence. As a blogger, the one thing that you want to know is that you connect with your readers and that your writing touches someone. This event helped me to see that our vision and our goal of connecting families is not only understood but welcomed. Opportunities for myself and our magazine that I could only dream about before are now being realized.

I may have left Sweet Suite with tired feet, and sweat dripping down my forehead from the hike to my hotel, but I was also left elated and full of confidence that this is what I was meant to do! We all need confirmation in our careers once in a while, right? Bloggers have a chance in life that is completely unlike any other work platform I have experienced. Blogging has limitless potential for creativity, growth, and reaching others. My passions for art, design, fashion, health awareness, advertising, photography, writing, and networking finally morphed together into one career that I am blessed to be a part of. As exhausting as the day was, it was an incredible first event!

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