BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Dances Into Theatres March 17th

The cast of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST were nothing short of extraordinary as they danced and sang through this live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic. If you thought you had goosies watching the clips that we have been sharing, wait till you see the whole movie! It was surreal as we sat and watched the animated characters we had adorned on our screen for years, magically appear on a screen with such grandeur.



Director, Bill Condon managed to re-create the original animated classic in such a way that made you feel as if you were in a whimsical dream that had once replayed in your imagination as a child. Scene after scene emulated our beloved Beauty and The Beast in ways that only Disney could portray. Walt Disney would be so proud of the cinematography and seemingly effortless performance by its incredible cast.

Belle’s Story

Emma Watson, as Belle was exquisite from start to finish. You may not have known that Kevin Kline was Maurice, Belle’s Dad. His kind and quirky demeanor in the movie was everything you would expect in Belle’s father. Director, Bill Condon paid such attention to the details from the original Beauty and The Beast. He paints the picture of the life of Belle and her father impeccably. You see how much Belle adores her dad as she lovingly hands him his tools prior to his asking for them. He looks at her with eyes of a father that is amazed by her intelligence, beauty, and creativity. Belle’s differences from the other girls in town are what makes her shine in his eyes, and what has made her unknowingly stand out in the crowd.

Gaston and Lefou

Luke Evans played Gatson to a T!  Gaston knew that Belle was extraordinary, but found her to be a very peculiar girl. He sought after her as if she was the prize deer of the season or trophy for him to flash. True to Gaston, he couldn’t get enough of himself, catching glances where ever he found a reflection. His doting sidekick Josh Gad as LeFou was absolutely hilarious in an ingenious performance that mimicked the original animated classic. The musical performances from both Luke Evans and Josh Gad singing “Gaston” took pipes that Mariah would be jealous of. Not only were their vocals on point, but the expressions that Josh Gad made as LeFou during the scenes were priceless. He was able to bring the original character to life in such a comedic way that had my son and I rolling with laughter each time he came on screen.

The Enchanted Castle and The Beast

They couldn’t have hand picked a better person to portray the Beast and the Prince than Dan Stevens. The scenes he shared with Emma Watson as Belle were heartwarming and a true love forming before our very eyes. We saw a sad, lonely, and angry Beast when Belle first arrived at the castle to save her father. It was not long after arriving at the castle before Belle met Ewan McGregor as Lumière and Ian McKellen as Cogsworth who captivated the audience with their humorous banter back and forth. Belle was mesmerized by the enchanted castle, and with every new discovery, she became more intrigued. Belle met the exquisite Audra McDonald as Garderobe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette when she arrived in her quarters.

All of the staff, including our adored Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts and Stanley Tucci as Cadenza, all worked together to help true love and this tale as old as time. The brilliant choreography of the dishes and the stunning musicals throughout will have you in awe as it did us.  The Beast may have looked scary and hideous on the outside, but we all fell in love with his humor and heart just as Belle did. We don’t want to spoil the scenes between Belle and Beast, so you will have to see those first hand for yourself.


You truly don’t want to miss BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in theatres, as it is a masterpiece that will you will want to share with your kids for years to come. I highly recommend seeing it in an IMAX theatre. Trust me, you won’t regret the extra couple dollars for the ticket!


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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Opens In Theatres Everywhere On March 17th!

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